Which alternate JVM language do you prefer?

Over the last few years the JVM language landscape has evolved rapidly, with a number of very interesting new languages appearing, some of which are starting to enter mainstream usage. In order to get some numbers/data regarding preferences of Java programmers I’ve decided to run an opinion poll. Please vote below for the alternate JVM language you like the most. I’ve included all of the better known JVM languages (and even a few that aren’t so well known). The ordering of the options is randomized. [UPDATE: It seems that voters coming from Hacker News favour Clojure over Scala by a factor of 1.4, whereas those from a more Java-centric sources (dzone) favouring Scala and Groovy. This would explain the difference in results between this poll and the dzone-only poll posted in the comments section. Currently Scala and Clojure are quite closely matched in my poll.]

Excellent Scala videos on YouTube

YouTube is a surprisingly good source of introductory content on Scala. I’ve linked to some of the most interesting videos below:

Excellent video introducing Scala. I think the presenter is Venkat Subramaniam:

Martin Odersky discussing upcoming features in Scala 2.10 and Scala Adoption:
Accompanying slides can be found here: